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JiNan Unistar USP1530 Plasma Cutting Machine for Steel/Carbon steel/Aluminum 

Application Industry

Suit for:aluminum, galvanized sheet, stainless steel,iron plate, titanium sheet, and soon on.

The features of cnc plasma cutter

1. The heavy duty lathe is made of  steel and has been tested hundred of times by vibration special experiments, which makes it maore stable and strong. 

2. The machine also feature automatic arc voltage torch height control, it can adjust cutting distance automatically.

3. Horizontal and vertical guide rails are equipped with mechanical and electrical safety devices, and high reliability;

Horizontal and vertical transmission adopts Germany NEUGART high precision linear Guide and High torque,
low backlash, maintenance-free planetary gear reducer.

4. The desktop CNC plasma cutting machine is specially designed for the rapid plasma cutting of carbon steel plates,
aluminum plates, copper plates, stainless steel plates and other metal plates in any graphic. Under normal circumstances,
the cutting plane does not need secondary processing, and the cutting effect is good, without dross and burrs.

5. Fast cutting speed, high precision and low cost.CNC system with high configuration, automatic arc strike and stable performance,
with above 99% arc strike success rate.

6. Format files generated by softwares such as AUTOCAD can also be read through software transform.
he controlling system adopts U disk to exchange processing files, operation is convenient and speedy.


 Technology Parameters
NO. NAME Plasma Cutting Machine
1 型号 Type US-P1530/1325/2040/
2 工作面积 Effective Working Area (X*Y) 1300mm*2500mm
3 电源 Plasma Power Source American hypertherm power 45/65/85/105/125/200A
huayuan plasma power :63A/100a/160a/200a
4 尺寸 Machine Size 2250mm*3490mm
5 切割厚度 Plasma Cutting Thickness 2--30mm ( Depends on plasma power source capacity)
6 控制系统 Control System BeiJing Starfire/Start
7 液晶屏 LCD Display Dimension 7.0 Inches
8 切割速度 Cutting Speed 0-8000mm per minute
9 驱动器 Driver Brand Leadshine stepper 860H
10 电机 Motor Brand stepper 450B
11 齿条 Rack Brand 台湾
12 导轨 Lead Rail Brand Hiwin/PMI/ABBA
13 切割方式 Cutting Mode plasma
14 点火装置 Ignition device Auto ignition device
15 高度调节 Height regulating device Arc voltage height
16 文件传输 File transmission USB transmission
17 气源压力 Plasma Air and Pressure 空压 Only pressed Air Max. 0.8Mpa
18 切割精度 Cutting precision 0.5mm National standard JB/T10045.4-99
19 控制精度 Control accuracy 0.01mm
20 电源供应 Power Supply Voltage/Frequency 380V 50HZ
21 功率 Rated Power Supply 5000W
22 环境要求 Working Temperature >-10C-60C. Relative Humidity, 0-95%.

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Pre:CE approved cnc plasma cutting machine / cnc metal cutting machine price/ heavy duty cnc plasma cutt
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